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OK, you’ve got a medicine chest full of meds but nothing to put them in. No problem, this section is for you. Check out the packs below and see which one best fits your needs. But just to make sure you really have everything you need, you might want to check out the Refills section. Our team of specialists has thought through a lot of “what if’s.”

1. Small Pack – this is our smallest travel pack. It includes Pod 1 (top – with handle) and Pod 5 (bottom, rests nicely on a table). You can’t build an AAACK! Pack without them. We recommend this pack for short 1-3 night stays.

2. Medium Pack – This pack is built from Pods 1, 2, and 5. It’s the next largest size and the middle pod can hold larger items. We recommend this pack for up to a week’s stay. It holds approximately 2X as much as our smallest pack.

3. Large Pack – Built from Pods 1, 2, 3, and 5, this large pack can hold a lot of travel-sized items. If all you wanted on your trip were 10 counts of Advil (travel size), this pack would hold somewhere around 80 of them. Wow, that’s big. Recommended for stays of up to a month. But don’t just load up on Advil.

4. Extra Large Pack – All right, no messing around. You need a lot of stuff because you’re going on a long trip. This is the perfect size for a student who will be away from home for up to 5 months. This pack can accommodate large boxes of those “can’t live without” emergency items. Or you could use the additional space to store your digital accessories in case you lose one at school (does that ever happen?). A lot of AAACK! moments can occur at school or on a long trip. You’ll be ready with this AAACK! Full Stack Pack. (Try saying that 10X fast).
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