On an otherwise wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic, I uttered a few unintelligible words one evening and then wandered into my room for the next 18 hours. Never knowing whether it was that pesky mosquito buzzing around my ankles or Wilfredo’s coffee (inside joke), the fever and lethargy that overcame me were debilitating. And, considering we were on vacation, it made it all the worse!

Luckily, a friend (who also happens to be a nurse) was well-versed in the region’s myriad of ailments, and whipped out a kit tailor-made for our trip and dosed me up with the right meds. The next morning, I made my way back to the land of the living. I was feeling much better, but more than that … I was inspired!

Enter AAACK!™ Packs, an easy-to-build, bring-it-anywhere, remedy-just-about-anything kit that will take you from “uh oh” to “awwww yeah” every time.



After almost two decades of global travel as the member of a military family in his background and substantial business and personal travel, Allen launched AAACK!™ (aaackpacks.com) in November 2015 to help travelers, regardless of their destination or trip duration, prepare for the unexpected. He has undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees in business and engineering and has worked in consulting, marketing, and operations at the likes of the U.S. Departments of Defense and Interior, Dell Technologies, Smithsonian Institution, and Goodwill Central Texas.

When Allen’s not AAACKing, he enjoys traveling with family and friends, where he continually puts various AAACKPack configurations to use.