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Traveling alone, particularly for a woman, might not be the easiest thing to do – many people think so. However, over the years, the number of solo female travelers has increased all over the world. Today, if you search for solo female travelers, you will find a considerable number of websites, blogs, etc. Innumerable solo female travelers have been interviewed regarding their traveling experiences and all of them opine that there have been ups and downs in the journey. While there have been some beautiful moments in their travels, there have been problems as well. It is with experience that the right balance can be struck during the journey and the trip can be enjoyed thoroughly.

Mentioned below are some excellent tips, which are very useful for solo female travelers:

  • Never disclose the place where you are staying during your trip

As a solo female traveler, you should take some safety measures on your own. It is obvious that on a trip, you will meet many new people. While some may turn out to be friends for life, others might not be so good and you might feel uncomfortable at times. Trust your instincts (see below)! Whatever the situation, never reveal the address of the place where you are staying. Do not even mention the name of the hotel where you are staying. If you have to meet someone, never meet at your hotel; instead arrange the meeting at some local landmark (park/statue/restaurant) or another well-known public place with lots of people around.

  • Booking certain things in advance do help

Traveling alone keeps you free alright, but we recommend making some bookings in advance. You might end up in a new city or place late at night. Hunting for an accommodation at that time might not be the easiest or safest thing since you’re probably carrying a bag and look out of place. Having a hotel and car rental booking in advance will keep you relaxed and give you peace of mind. However, if you arrive at a place in the morning or during the day, you can usually find suitable accommodations after arriving.

  • Try learning how to read situations

It is said that gut instinct and sixth sense in women is quite strong. Use this sense when you are traveling alone whenever necessary. You must learn how to read good and bad situations. There are situations, where you might feel nervous or uncomfortable. Remove yourself from these situations as soon as possible. People might find it rude or offending, but if a situation makes you feel uncomfortable, do not waste time and move along. And don’t hesitate to make up an excuse. Not feeling well due to jet lag, something you ate, or other excuses are all reasonable while traveling.

  • Don’t get drunk while traveling

This is a very important tip for solo female travelers. Drinking while traveling can be dangerous and you could end up in a bad situation. And the situation may not be a problem at all until you drink too much. Then you have invited the problem on your own. If you really feel the urge to drink (more than you should), go to your hotel, lock yourself in your room and then feel free to have a few drinks. Then put yourself to bed. Don’t open your door for anyone and don’t order room service (if your hotel provides that service). This is the safer option.

  • Look confident and not touristy

Your body language matters a lot. It is recommended you look confident and aware while traveling solo. A confident and smart look often keeps the troublemakers away. Even when you are in some kind of unfamiliar and uncomfortable situation, keep your confidence level high. Maintain this even when you are walking and talking. The second thing to do is not look touristy. Refrain from using guides and maps in public as this makes it evident you are new to the place and looking for directions. It can set you up for many uncomfortable situations. Do your homework at the hotel and then head out. In case of any confusion on the road, consult a local.

  • Dress like the locals

Many solo female travelers have recommended this tip when asked about their solo traveling experience. Many people say that women are free to wear anything they like and anything in which they are comfortable. But while traveling solo, this might not always be so realistic. It is recommended to blend in with the location and absolutely dress like the locals. It is good to do some research on the kinds of clothes the local women wear and dress accordingly. Check the local customs and try following them as much as possible. This will keep people’s attention away from you, and they will think you are a local or have lived there for awhile.

  • Don’t hesitate in calling for help if needed

When you are in a new place, you might not always be at ease. There might be unpleasant situations in which you might find yourself. In such cases, do not hesitate to call for any kind of help or assistance from the locals. Usually bystanders and local people of any place will come help if they see a solo woman in trouble – traveler or otherwise. Make sure you have local contact information in your phone so if needed the information is readily available.

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