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Welcome to the maiden voyage of our new blog, AAACK! Yak.

Our blog is intended to be your one stop for reading (and contributing to) all things travel and wellness. We won’t use this space for “sales-ey,” “product-ey” pitches, but instead to inspire, educate, and excite you about travel.

Okay, for every rule, there’s an exception, right?

In this first post, we feel it’s only appropriate to introduce you to AAACK! Packs, customizable travel packs for all occasions, whether you’re heading to Detroit for a work conference or St. Thomas for a much-needed vaca.

For example, did the raw oysters you ate on the coast not sit well? Do you need earplugs to block out the couple in the next hotel room that doesn’t realize Valentine’s Day was last month? Did you splash spaghetti sauce on your interview shirt? Does your head hurt from talking to customers all day? Lips chapped from skiing? No toilet paper in the porta-potty at your favorite outdoor music fest?

You get the picture. I mean, we don’t want to be a fun suck, but unfortunately, sick happens, and so do a lot of other AAACK! moments. Now, you can just reach for your AAACK! Pack – pre-built by our panel of medical and retail experts, or customized by you – and grab what you need for whatever ails you.

Go check out our site, read about the travel mishap that spawned the launch of AAACK! Packs, and meet our impressive Board of Experts who help determine what products are necessary for each pack, from our Beach Pack to Zika Virus Pack to Executive Travel Pack.


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