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The “I dos” have been exchanged. The cake, cut. The bouquet, thrown.

Now. Where to go to decompress after the anxiety-laden, booze-fueled, in-law riddled, best, most exhausting day of your life (that is, until baby makes three)?

It’s honeymoon time! While my personal honeymoon (read, debacle) 

is another blog altogether, your honeymoon could be a wonderful memory that stays with you for life. And, what better way to dream big than to review a list of great honeymoon destinations — all chosen by celebrities. And, while that shouldn’t drive your final decision; hey, they’ve probably scoped out a few hotspots, and if it made their list, why not yours?

First you have to decide – are you looking for a sun-and- sand location with little else to do but “veg,” or do you need 24-hour nightlife, extreme activities, shopping? Do you want an overseas adventure? (Got a valid passport? Better check.) Or, something stateside because you have to get back to work?

While some on the list are a little pricier than others, there’s a location for almost every budget. Beach destinations make up eight of the locations. From something relatively less expensive like Palm Beach, Florida, to something more exotic such as Cuba or Turks and Caicos Islands. And, places like the Caribbean, Mexico, and U.S. destinations mean no jetlag downtime. Something to think about if your time is limited.

The other seven are varied. From Las Vegas (shows, pools, shopping, gambling) to Paris or Florence, each with their distinctive flair and things to do. However, if you plan to do a lot of sightseeing, think about booking at least one tour so you can get oriented with the layout of the city and its history. Having just returned from Florence and Rome (guided tours in both), our Austin group maximized sites and history in the short time we had in each location. But, as you’d expect, touring and sightseeing leave little time for relaxation, and you’ll be tired at the end of a busy day. Definitely, not like a chill beach trip.

 Whatever you decide, remember new foods, water sources, and tiredness (which makes you more susceptible to bugs) can ruin what starts out as a really great time in your life. Make sure you have what you need to sleep better, boost your immune system, or recover quickly if you do get sick. AAACK! Packs customizable travel packs help ensure your honeymoon is more “in health” than “in sickness.”


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