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Becoming a parent sometimes means having to give up on some of your old habits. However, if you had a tradition of packing your bags and exploring a new country, there is no need to ditch that habit when the kids come. You only have to be a little more organized and predict some unique situations that might arise while on the road. Also, you must be innovative and learn that packing light with little kids is vital, especially if traveling by air. With a couple of helpful packing tips and pieces of advice, you will be ready to tackle your next journey in no time.

Invest in quality travel luggage

Before you even start thinking about what you will bring, take a good look at your travel gear. If you are traveling with your kids, it is essential to have durable, quality luggage at your disposal. You don’t have to buy a new suitcase; you can ask your friends or family to land you one. Also, you can opt for carry-on luggage for airline travel, especially if you are on the lookout for affordable plane tickets. Buying cheap plane tickets often means having some restrictions regarding the size and weight of your baggage. So, to make sure you don’t exceed the weight, we will help you pack light.

Now that you have secured yourself a quality, right-sized suitcase, you must think about other storage organization gearOur AAACK! medium pack is ideal for a week’s stay and can easily fit in your carry-on, saving you a lot of space and keeping your toiletries and medicine organized neatly.

A child closing a suitcase
Investing in quality travel packs would be a wise long term decision

Do not forget that a good packing plan is half the job

Once you prepare your suitcases and backpacks, you have to start planning what you will bring. Good thing your AAACK! packs come filled with all the travel essentials, customizable to your preferences. If you plan a more extended trip or have a large family, you can always refill your inventory with just a few clicks of a mouse. Besides essential toiletries, medicine, and some valuable tools, you will need to bring your clothes, travel electronics, snacks, and toys for the kids. The good idea is to buy your kids a new toy when going on a journey and bring only a few old ones. The new toy will keep them entertained and occupied when in line at the airport or on the road. Packing light with little kids implies being clever and making the right choices.

When packing clothes, remember that less is more

Kids love to be messy, so you will need to change them frequently. When traveling with kids, if you want to pack light, you have to be practical. Depending on your stay, you should pick clothing essentials like t-shirts and trousers or leggings to mix and match. Pay attention to the quality of the items you buy because you want cotton materials that are comfortable to wear. Besides 4-5 tees, 2-3 bottoms, a hoodie, and a pair of shoes, you will not need much more for a week’s stay. You will undoubtedly have to wash these items, so your kids can wear them again. A good tip is to bring some soap in a zip lock bag and choose the accommodation that allows you to wash your kid’s socks when needed.

A child packing a suitcase
Keep your wardrobe minimalist, and you will avoid problems with overpacking your suitcase

Be sure to bring your travel documents

If you are a parent, you know how stressful it can be to organize and pack while the kids are running around you in circles. You can easily forget to bring something. But, there are some things you should never travel without, like your travel documents, cash and credit cards, first aid kit, and essential medications. Ensure you don’t get distracted and pack all these essentials in your backpack or a bag you always plan to carry on yourself. Include water and snacks for the kids and some portable charges for your devices. All these essentials should not take much space in your bag, especially if you opt for smart customizable travel packs. It would be best to pack it all well ahead to be sure not to forget something. On the day of your trip, double-check if everything is still there.

Be realistic when packing light with little kids

No matter how organized you are and how well you plan what you will pack, things happen. You know the saying: Man makes plans, and God laughs. When traveling with kids, there will be unforeseen circumstances. The same applies to packing and travel preparations. Even though you firmly decide what to take, you may end up taking a few extra items. However, the good thing is that toddlers love practical and comfortable tees, and they generally don’t worry much about their attire, so you don’t have to bring excessive clothes. If you keep your wardrobe down to a few essentials, it will leave you plenty of space for an extra toy or your kid’s safety blanket. Keep your expectations realistic, and try not to obsess with packing light but rather think of it as packing smart. Inevitably, you will have to downsize and make some hard choices, but you will become a pro after a couple of times packing.

A woman packing light with little kids
Packing light with little kids is not impossible despite what it may seem

You will get better at minimalist packing as your kids grow older

When planning a trip with your family, you can be sure of one thing. It will get a lot easier as the kids grow. You will quickly forget about all the hardships that traveling with a baby implies –  bringing a stroller and having to stress about how much space the diapers take, for example. Once you start traveling with your toddler or preschooler, you will have more experience and knowledge about the most common dos and don’ts. As time passes by, packing light with little kids will become a reality you can count on when planning your next family trip. So, besides enjoying family time while on the road, you will start enjoying making plans and preparations too. And that is what it is all about, experiencing memorable moments with the people you love the most.


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