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India is a land of cultural and ecological diversity. But being a developing country, it lacks certain amenities at the most remote locations. Hence there are certain essential items that should accompany you, while you explore the country.


  1. The Dry Gear Bag

The Dry Gear Bag keeps your electronic items safe and dry when you visit popular tourist locations that experience rainfall or are near water. These include the beaches in India, places offering water and marine sports, and other kinds of destinations. India also has a unique Holi festival, during which people throw colors and shoot water cannons at each other. In case you are touring the country during this time period, the dry gear bag becomes even more essential. Apart from the DSLR or any other camera, the dry bag can also securely hold smartphones, laptops, power banks, chargers, batteries, and other electronic items.


  1. The Mesh Bag

India is a vast country, and travelling here can take a considerable amount of time and be arduous as well. You can store and place your clothes inside the mesh bag, so they do not smell bad, even after days of obscurity. The bag can also be used for carting clothes to and from the laundry. Then you can put on your clothes, which smell good, anytime, and refresh yourself conveniently.


  1. The Smartphone

India is well connected through a number of communication networks. Many cities have the latest 4G network channel while 3G is the norm. Carry a smartphone, so that you can always book your hotel rooms and rail/bus/flight tickets ahead of time. The device will also act as your guide, as the navigation maps make it easy to travel the vast country (you can buy a Lonely Planet India tour guide as well), without getting lost. Also stay in touch with your friends and family members, chat anywhere and anytime through WhatsApp, Skype, and other communication Apps. And know what’s hot at your current location and do much more with the help of your smartphone.


  1. The Medical First Aid Kit

Dehydration, because of summer heat, and possibly heat stroke, is a common phenomenon in India with temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Celsius at many places during the summer. While southern India has a more moderate climate, the northern Indian regions suffer from heat and cold extremes, during the respective seasons.

If traveling to India during the summer, you will need the ORS or Oral Rehydration Solution packs (sold at pharmacies). If you are not attentive and aware of the kind of food/drinks you are consuming, Traveler’s diarrhea can also affect you. There can be other health conditions occurring as well, and these include cough, cold, and infections, among others. Any injury will require an analgesic, among other medications. Hence, your medical kit should have several types of medications so that you can reach them easily in case of emergency. Indian cities have adequate medical facilities so do not worry as a doctor/physician is always nearby. However, in villages, access to medical facilities will vary and may not be as convenient.


  1. Mosquito Net

Mosquitoes create havoc in India as many areas in India do not have a sound drainage system. Pooling of water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which cause malaria, dengue, and other deadly diseases. A mosquito net can be said to be a very essential item while travelling India. Other tricks, including mosquito repellent creams and coils do not suffice and should be used in addition to the net.


  1. The Portable Water Purifier

While you can easily get purified water bottles while touring the Indian cities, it might not be available at other more remote locations. And water in India can be very contaminated in these spots. You will soon be engulfed by diarrhea and other infections before you know it. The portable water purifier can be easily used. Place the purifier in the water container, or glass, from which you are consuming water and sip through it.


  1. A Quality Rucksack or Bag pack

Depending on the number of items you are travelling with, you should buy a backpack (with lesser storage capacity) or rucksack (with higher storage capacity) while travelling India. The waterproof ones are even better. A good quality one comes with a rear suspension and can be carried easily without any discomfort. The new backpacks come with a number of easy-to-access storage pockets so that you can safely store your iPad and laptop among other frequently used items.

The passport pouch and travel insurance can also be termed as essentials. Along with these essentials you should also be attentive and careful while travelling India. International tourists are also affected by fraud and crimes, and your vigilance will steer you away from troubles.


Author’s Bio:

Rohit Agarwal, along with Trans India Travels, brings to fore the delights offered by Indian and international tourist destinations. His tips and advice are quite valuable as well, and helps the readers know more about the unforeseen aspects of a vacation.



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