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Zaca to the Rescue

Hangovers can be painful. Or at least that’s what we’ve heard. We’re good listeners.

But a company called Zaca has possibly found a solution – a patch and chewable tablet, both containing 11 essential (and organic) vitamins and minerals which will supposedly keep the dogs at bay.

How they work is simple. Apply the patch to one of the five recommended places on your body a few hours before drinking and leave it on for 24 hours. If you prefer the tablets, take two after a few drinks and two before bed. The prickly pear, magnesium, B1, vitamin C, and other vitamins are released into your body throughout the night and you wake up feeling clear-headed and bright-eyed – I told you it was simple!

Why Put it in AAACK! Packs  

Shockingly enough, we aren’t here to support your drinking habit – but we are here to help world travelers and business people alike feel their best while on the go. And this is exactly what Zaca does. Not only can it be used to prevent hangovers but it can also be used on long plane rides, when you exercise, and even when you’re at high altitude. The formula will boost your immune system and ensure your body is in tip-top shape.

 The Test

We applied patches to 6, 21 and older, young ladies and sent them into the night in downtown Austin, TX. The next morning, 5 of the 6 were in pretty good shape. Yes, one was not so good, but her patch fell off at some point in the evening.

 The Consensus

Try ‘em out. What’s the worst that can happen? A repeat of last weekend?


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