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I know we’ve got a long way to go, but it’s great to know when you’re making someone’s vacation, honeymoon, or first semester in college that much better.

Recent customer feedback after she returned from their honeymoon…

“Growing up, the first thing that my mom would pack in her suit case was a large plastic baggie full of anticipated medicine needs. She taught us to always be prepared, so when I was preparing for my honeymoon I knew what to do – just not where to start. Then I found AAACK Packs! I love everything about this product and wish that I had had one in college. The carrying case is durable and flexible so it’s easy to pack in any suitcase and can be brought in your carry-on if you need to. I loved that there were suggestions and that I could customize my choices. The products that came with my AAACK Pack were top notch and a bargain compared to the travel aisle at most stores. During the course of our week-long honeymoon in the Caribbean, we used items from our AAACK Pack 3 or more times every day. Without my AAACK Pack, I would have been miserable thanks to all of the mosquitoes and allergies. Thank you AAACK Pack for making my honeymoon more relaxing and healthy!”

You are most certainly welcome!



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